Unique Manufacturing Co was established in 1987 by Irwin "Smitty" Smith in Visalia California . A 40 year veteran and entrepreneur in the food service industry and a very successful marketing guru, he began to create new marketing ideas to enhance his food service operations. Finishing his restaurant career in 1987, he created Unique Manufacturing. Smitty went to work helping other hospitality companies share in his "unique" marketing table top disposable products. Thirteen years later, Smitty had developed an unusual, different, and colorful array of table top disposable products. In May of 2000, and after a strong 2 year business and personal relationship, Smitty sold Unique Manufacturing Co. to Mike Jakubowski.

Mike came to the Unique table with 6 years experience as a National Sales Manager with SONOCO Products. With a keen background in the custom print sales arena and prior to that, 17 years in the restaurant industry, Unique Manufacturing was poised to grow and have a positive impact on the hospitality industry. With Mike's background in both restaurant operations and sales and service as a manufacturer and supplier, he was uniquely qualified to understand how both seller (Unique) and buyer (the hospitality location) think.

Today, Unique Manufacturing offers very unique, colorful, exciting, fun, and unusual table top disposable product lines that will set any hospitality location apart from the competition.

Why is Unique Manufacturing important to you today?

Contemporary buying trends today are showing that the food and beverage guest is looking for more than just a meal or more than just a cocktail. They want, and in fact, are expecting a little bit more for their money. A recent national story in the New York Times on buying trends in the restaurant industry stated that a Â?guest is looking for a memory when they out eating or having a drink. The successful food and beverage locations today are realizing that they have to provide something different or go the extra mile when serving a guest . Our product lines do just that. AND we do it for a little as a penny.

It has always amazed us at Unique Manufacturing just how many of or customers are already high volume and profitable before they place an order. Do you think they know something you don't?

At Unique Manufacturing, the buzz phrase is: